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Exchange of Honors with the Real Asociación de Caballeros de Monasterio de Yuste (Cuacos, Spain)

Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt attended the investiture ceremony of the Real Asociación de Caballeros del Monasterio de Yuste in Cuacos, Spain. This organization is under Royal Patronage and also enjoys the protection of the Church and of the local government. The main mission of the Royal Association is to protect the Monastery where Emperor Charles V lived the last few years of his live and to promote the main tenets of his legacy. Membership is considered to be a great honor. The President of the Royal Association, Coronel Dr. Gonzalo de Federico y Perez joined the Advisory Board of the Catholic University of New Spain. Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Rector of the University, was invested as a Knight of Yuste and vowed to integrate the values of the Emperor in the mission and vision of the University. The investiture was attended by several Mayors, members of the armed forces, members of the nobility, and also prominent academics.

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