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UCNE held its Certificate Programs Graduation on the 18th of April at the Aloft Hotel (Florida)

The Catholic University of New Spain held its Certificate Programs Graduation for more than forty professors and community leaders at the Aloft Hotel in Doral, Florida. The two certificate programs focused on: innovation, technology, governance, and leadership and were taught by Prof. Benjamin DeYurre, renown economist and journalist, and by Oxford trained anthropologist, Dr. John P. Linstroth. The students also received guest lectures from a wide range of community leaders including but not limited to: the Honorable Manuel Duasso, Commissioner of the City of Sweetwater, the Honorable Consul fo Ecuador, representatives from Radio Marti, representatives of three chambers of commerce, leaders of the local Venezuelan community, and by Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt, Rector of the University and Academician of the Royal Academy of Doctors of Spain.

The graduation ceremony was presided by the faculty of UCNE, the Consul of Ecuador, and by the Commissioner of Sweetwater, among other important guests. Live music followed the solemn ceremony.

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