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UCNE signed agreement with the Marketing Program of the University of Guayaquil

The Marketing and Negotiation Program of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences of the University of Guayaquil signed a cooperation agreement with the Catholic University of New Spain. This important agreement includes research, lifelong learning, and also opportunities for student and professor mobility. The signing of the agreement took pace on January 21, 2019 at the iconic Presley Norton Museum at the City of Guayaquil. As part of the implementation of the agreement, Dr. Otto F. von Feigenblatt delivered a public lecture at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences about the role of the university as an agent of change. The lecture was attended by more than one hundred students, professors, and by university authorities. Dr. von Feigenblatt received a plaque from the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences as a sign of gratitude for the lecture and friendship. The University of Guayaquil is more than one hundred years old and it has a total of approximately 80,000 students.

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