The Catholic University of New Spain is a private higher education institution based in Miami, Florida. Established by a distinguished group of scholars from around the world, the University has at its core Roman Catholic values and principles.


The University offers certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs in a wide range of fields. Our programs are delivered on-site and online through our innovative hybrid educational delivery system.


The Catholic University of New Spain has agreements with institutions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America to provide a truly global education centered on timeless Catholic values. Research is also an important part of our mission and vision.


The prestigious Central American Institute of Asia Pacific Studies with more than ten years of history has recently migrated to our faculty of Graduate Studies and continues to publish its flagship journal, the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies in cooperation with the International Academy of Social Sciences.


Meet our chancellor
Dr. Frederick Trowman-Rose

Professor Dr Frederick Trowman-Rose was born  in Belize, a gifted child, he gained university entrance at 16 and his BA with first class honours two years later. He comes from a family of  engineers. Frederick gained his doctorate in natural sciences and became a research scientist in the field of environmental science. He has been involved in many research projects as well as practical exercises throughout the world and has championed the cause of environmental science in education. His posts have included Provost of the London College of Management and Information Technology, Dean of the Institute of Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition and Chancellor of the Buzan Global Academy.

Dr. Guido Poveda Burgos

Honorary Dean of Institutional Relations

Dr. Miguel Álava Alcívar

Associate Dean of Institutional Relations

Dr. Ernesché Rodríguez Asien

Honorary Dean of Economics and International Development Studies