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The Catholic University of New Spain is a private higher education institution based in Miami, Florida. Established by a distinguished group of scholars from around the world, the University has at its core Roman Catholic values and principles.


The University offers certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs in a wide range of fields to prepare students for religious vocations and for working as staff members at religious institutions. Our programs are delivered online through our innovative hybrid educational delivery system.


The Catholic University of New Spain has agreements with institutions in Europe, Asia, and Latin America to provide a truly global education centered on timeless Catholic values. Research is also an important part of our mission and vision.


The prestigious Central American Institute of Asia Pacific Studies with more than ten years of history has recently migrated to our faculty of Graduate Studies and continues to publish its flagship journal, the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies in cooperation with the International Academy of Social Sciences.


Meet our Chancellor
The Honorable Michael Fridovich, Councilman, City of Gulport, Florida

Councilman Fridovich has travelled widely, and he has served for many years as a councilmember and vice-mayor of the City of Gulfport, Florida. His experience includes serving in multiple committees at the State and County levels focusing on sustainable development and education. Councilman Fridovich is a founding member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Penelas County, Florida. He is a published author, and he has received honorary doctorates from several universities in Latin America because of his contributions to the Hispanic community in Florida. His academic training is in the field of urban planning.


Dr. Antonio Bascones Martinez

Dean Emeritus and Visiting Professor


Mr. Simon Velasquez

Honorary Director of Public Relations and Strategic Partnerships for South America


Honorable Marjorie Murillo, Councilmember of Miami-Dade, Florida

Chairwoman of the Advisory Board


Professor Frederick Trowman-Rose

Visiting Professor of Environmental Sciences


Dr. Ernesché Rodríguez Asien

Honorary Dean of Economics and International Development Studies


Dr. Jorge Castañeda

Tony Buzan Visiting Professor


Father Federico Highton

Missionary Chaplain


Álvaro Cordero Taborda

Honorary Visiting Professor

Archbishop Arguello.jpg

Mons. Luis Javier Argüello García

Member of the Advisory Board


Maria Elena Quiros

Honorary Representative/Delegate for Costa Rica


Dr. Luis Fernando Latorre Tapia

Visiting Professor


Dr. José Rodríguez Vacas

Delegate for Spain and Visiting Professor of Security Studies


Prof. Miguel Álava Alcívar, M.S.

Honorary Instructor


Prof. Malcolm Cooper, LLM, PhD

Vice Chancellor for the Asia Pacific Region and Visiting Professor


Dr. Luis Gregorio Holguin Galaron

Honorary Associate Dean of Institutional Relations for Spain and Portugal


Dr. Abel Miró i Comas

Honorary Professor of Philosophy

Francisco Lopez_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Francisco López Muñoz

Honorary Professor of Public Health


Honorable Rafael Pyneiro

Member of the Advisory Board


Prof Raymond Keene, OBE

Visiting Professor of Cognitive Sciences

Linstroth Photo.jpg

Prof. JP Linstroth, DPhil (Oxon)

Visiting Professor of Applied Anthropology

Jesus-Estupinan-Ricardo (1).jpg

Dr. Jesús Estupiñán Ricardo 

Distinguished Visiting Professor and Honorary Dean of Education


Prof. Miguel Angel Falconi, MS

Visiting Instructor


Father Christian Ledergerber Weisson

Chief Chaplain


Dr. Oscar Yecid Aparicio Gómez

Honorary Dean of Philosophy


Katiuska Rodriguez

Honorary Tutor

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