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Research and Publications

The Catholic University of New Spain has an active research program. In 2019 the International Academy of Social Sciences, one of the premier learned societies in its field, migrated to the University. UCNE currently hosts the International Academy  of Social Sciences and jointly publishes the Journal of Alternative Perspectives in the Social Sciences and the Journal of Asia Pacific Studies with the Academy. Both journals are peer-reviewed and indexed by EBSCO. The University also publishes books under the label Catholic University of New Spain LLC Press. IASS manages the University Press to guarantee a high level of quality in its publications. All publications are available for download at no cost and in print for a nominal price. 

UCNE has signed agreements with several universities and research institutions with the sole purpose of facilitating joint research across geographical borders. Interdisciplinary research is highly valued and encouraged of our faculty members.  


Our fellowship program allows scholars from all over the world to participate in our research project. Fellows and junior fellows receive support from the University to conduct research and help to get their work published. For more information about our very active research programs please visit the website of the International Academy of Social Sciences: 

At the Library

Publications authored by students and faculty members

Doctoral Dissertations:

Guido Poveda Burgos, DBA Dissertation (May, 2021): "La Responsabilidad Social Empresarial y el nivel de Desarrollo Productivo de emprendimientos en la Comuna Dos Mangas de la Península de Santa Elena."

Dissertation chaired by Professor Dr. Malcolm Cooper, PhD, LLM

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