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  • The Catholic University of New Spain has "an invitation-only" policy for admissions.

  • Prospective candidates are nominated by advisory board members, government officials, ecclesiastic authorities, and by our field representatives. Admission to our university is considered a privilege and an honor and our goal is to recruit the most capable candidates who work at religious institutions for our very rigorous programs. Academic aptitude, character, and previous accomplishments are all factors taken into consideration for admission.

  • Applicants who wish to transfer some credits should present a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher on all attempted college coursework and must be in good academic standing at their last attended institution. The transcript will be evaluated by the registrar's office to decide how many credits can be transferred. 

  • The Catholic University of New Spain does not receive any Federal Funds and therefore reserves the freedom of choice regarding candidates for admission.

  • The university covers costs through contributions of non-profit organizations and Christian enterprises with the aim of supporting our Catholic social mission.  

  • The university does not provide any employment placement services or guarantee placements for any organizations. 

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