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Certificate Programs

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Sales and Marketing

Image by Eduardo Sánchez

Sociology and Christianity for everyday life

Image by Andrew Neel

Negotiation with Christian values and ethics

Image by Lewis Keegan

Curriculum design and learning in faith-based institution

Image by Su Nyoto

NGO Management with Christian Values and Ethics

Signing a Contract

Strategic Management

Image by Sina HN Yazdi

Sociology and Anthropology of interfaith for Business

Image by Kyle Glenn

International Development and Interfaith Studies

Image by Element5 Digital

Exceptional Student Education in faith-based institution

Image by Lou Levit

Critical Theory and Christianity

Image by Picsea

Pedagogy for new parents

Image by Sincerely Media

Mediation with Christian Ethics and Values

Image by Hermes Rivera

Human Security and Faith

Image by Mathieu Stern

Political Economy for  Practitioners from Religious Institute

Image by lilartsy

Logistics and Transportation Engineering
Ingeniería en Logística y Transporte con Mención en Ética Cristiana

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