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Faculty Member publishes important poetry book (Florida, USA)

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Dr. John Linstroth, is an honorary professor of Anthropology and faculty member at the Catholic University of New Spain. He has received numerous awards and is a Caballero de Merito of the prestigious Noble Company of Bernardo de Galvez. Dr. Linstroth is an Oxford trained anthropologist with a long track record in academic research. Nevertheless his talents transcend disciplinary boundaries and has authored a poetry book titled "The Forgotten Shore". Dr. Linstroth describes his book in the following way "This book of poetry, The Forgotten Shore, represents a “mental landscape” for the reader, which is representative of my life, my past loves, and present amorous interests, my interests in nature, my fascination with art (both as an artist and as an observer), and my fascination with indigenous peoples, as well as my research in the Spanish Basque Country and the Brazilian Amazon. To borrow from Michel Foucault, herein is a created world, an “archaeology of knowledge,” if you will."

The Catholic University of New Spain supports the arts and has invited several poets and artists to present their work on the 14th of September in downtown Miami.

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