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Four Prominent Ecuadorian Received Honorary Doctorates in December 2022

LUCIANO JAVIER ARTEAGA LOPEZ, in the field of administration and business

management, for his outstanding professional career over the years, is a shareholder of the

company IDELIFE Ltda. Shareholder and Executive President of SIAMSPORT S.A. He is also

Distribution and Institutional Business Manager of the most important pharmaceutical company

in Ecuador (Grupo DIFARE S.A.) and external undergraduate and postgraduate professor in

several universities.

He is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Business Administration at Universidad Católica (UCA)

and is pursuing a Doctorate in Advanced Management at Universidad Fermín Toro.

This recognition highlights its social responsibility and the creation of inclusive businesses,

generating and promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life of Ecuadorian


"You can't talk about sustainability in business when ethics is divorced from strategy"

Javier Arteaga López..,

LUIS DANIEL GAROFALO OYOLA, for his transcendental public administrative

management that he has forged for the good of the community through the years of service in the

public sector, being an example of honesty, transparency and impartiality values that has marked

in all his administrative efforts, promoting the social development of Ecuadorians.

Currently finishing a Master's Degree in Transportation Management at the Catholic University

of New Spain (Miami Florida).

He has developed his entire professional career in the public sector in different governmental

institutions. He is currently General Manager of ATM CENTRO GUAYAS -EP, Mancomunada

Transit Authority Centro Guayas EP, Mancomunidad formed by six cantons of the Province of

Guayas (Nobol, Pedro Carbo, Isidro Ayora, Santa Lucia and Colmes),

This recognition highlights his successful leadership in public management, marked by

transparency, equality and impartiality, invaluable principles that make public management the

true art of serving.

"In all areas of public and private service, there is no better management than that which is

not done" Luis Garofalo Oyola,

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The Universidad CATOLICA DE NUEVA ESPAÑA grants the recognition of DOCTORATE


MORAN VELEZ, in the field of administration, academia and educational innovation for his

recognized trajectory as an outstanding teacher in different national and international study

centers, He has developed his professional career in the private sector in different companies in which he has contributed in administrative, commercial, management, consulting and advisory areas for

more than 20 years, serving in recent years as a teacher at the University of Guayaquil and

Manager for Bultrims S.A. He currently stands out as an instructor in programs and processes of help and active listening, Coaching, Organizational Coaching, NLP, Fire Walking and thanks to this acquired knowledge he helped develop the potential of people and increase their level of productivity and teamwork in recognized business organizations in Ecuador.

This recognition highlights its leadership in the implementation of new educational models with

high academic standards that show its dedication and sacrifice to train a new generation of

professionals who will make a difference in Ecuador.

"Let's put the extra to the ordinary" Fernando Morán Vélez

SEGUNDO GAVINO MINA SIFUENTES, Licentiate in Social and Political Sciences; Lawyer

of the Courts and Tribunals of Ecuador and at the Catholic University of Santiago de Guayaquil,

obtaining the title of Magister in Procedural Law and at the National University of Mar del Plata

in Buenos Aires, Argentina, PhD student (thesis defense phase).

Throughout his professional career he has had a number of deserved recognitions such as the one

given by the National Institute of Cultural Heritage of Ecuador; Bar Association of Guayas,

Leonidas Ortega Moreira Award; To the professional merit and example of youth by the

Commission of Integral Protection of Children and Adolescents of the National Congress;

Decoration as Human Rights Defender in the Role of Criminal Judge, by the Human Rights

Ombudsman Commission presided in Ecuador by Dr. Luz Maria Pico, year 2022 and

recommendation of recognition to the National Legislative Assembly of Ecuador.

This recognition is for his outstanding professional career that is projected for the benefit of our

society and academic community for the baggage of merits that he carries with a professional

experience worthy of recognition and a real contribution to scientific development in the

knowledge of law.

"You can know how you start a journey, but you can never know how you will finish a great


Segundo Gavino Mina S.



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