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The Noble Company of Bernardo de Galvez hosts a Mass and Gala in San Jose, Costa Rica

The Noble Company of Bernardo de Galvez and the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science celebrated a Solemn Mass and Gala Dinner on the 29th of November, in San Jose, Costa Rica. The ceremony took place at the Marriot Hotel. Guests included important figures from business, the arts, and government. The Rectors and Presidents of the Universities of San Jose and Universidad Isaac Newton participated in this important event. Gerard Campos, Sub-Director of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial, the Costa Rican counterpart to the American Federal Bureau of Investigations, joined the American Society of Diplomacy and Political Science as an Associate Fellow. Dr. Greivin Arrieta, Rector of the Universidad Isaac Newton was promoted to Caballero con Placa of the Noble Company of Bernardo de Galvez, and several prominent academics received the Medal of San Fernando. The Mass was delivered by the Chaplain of the University and the ceremony was directed by the master of ceremonies of the Noble Company. The Ceremony was presided by Ambassador Otto Federico von Feigenblatt who, during the solemn ceremony, received an honorary Doctorate of Social Sciences from the Universidad de San Jose.

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