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Withdrawals and Refunds

25% Tuition Adjustment


Students who voluntarily withdraw from all courses after the last day to drop and add of the term which is the 20th calendar day after the class begins will be eligible for a twenty-five percent (25%) tuition adjustment.  After this date, students are held fully liable for tuition fees.

Complete Withdrawal Due to Exceptional Circumstances

The exceptional circumstance withdrawal (ECW) must be submitted to the Dean of Student’s Office.

Required Documentation: Supporting documentation must accompany late withdrawal request. The following documentation is required:

  • Medical: a letter from your physician or health care agency, on company letterhead, specifically indicating an illness of such severity or duration that prevents you from continuing in your course(s). The letter must include dates of the illness and treatment.

  • Employment: a letter from your employer, on company letterhead, indicating that your employer changed your work schedule and that this change prevents you from completing the term. The letter must include old and new work hours and the effective date.

  • Death of Immediate Family Member: documentation of the death and your relationship to the deceased. Immediate family members are limited to spouse, child, parent, and sibling.

  • College Change or Error: a letter from the appropriate college official documenting the situation in which the college was in error or initiated an action that caused you to have to withdraw.

  • Military Service: documented involuntary call to active military duty. Documentation may be provided after current Military assignment has ended.


Student refunds are processed automatically when a balance is due to the student. Any amount paid in excess of the amount owed may be applied against charges that are outstanding prior to a refund taking place. 

Options to receive refunds are as follows:

  1. To your preexisting bank account via direct deposit

  2. A paper check to the address on file 

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